The correct way to taste red wine

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The correct way to taste red wine
Some people say: "The difference between wine tasting and drinking lies in thinking." Wine tasting is regarded as an elegant and delicate taste.
The correct way to taste red wine
  • Wine temperature: The best drinking temperature for red wine is between 18 and 21 degrees. If you drink red wine in summer, you need to chill it first, and take it out 1 hour before drinking. When it is too cold in winter, it is not suitable for drinking red wine. The taste will be very astringent.
  • Sober up: After the red wine is opened, let it sit for 30 minutes. First, let it come into contact with the air to increase the aroma of the wine and remove the peculiar smell. The second is to let the wood chips produced by putting the wine upside down to the bottom.
  • Holding wine: pinch the legs and feet under the wine glass with your fingers, and do not touch the belly of the wine glass, so as not to affect the temperature of the wine, but if the temperature of wine is low in winter, you can hold the belly of the wine to increase the temperature.
  • Pour the wine: The correct way to pour the wine is to make the front side of the wine label face up, hold the wine with one hand, and control the bottom of the bottle with the other hand. Put a towel on the hand of the bottle to prevent the temperature of the hand from affecting the temperature of the wine. Do not shake when pouring. Wine bottle, so as not to pour the sawdust at the bottom of the bottle into the wine glass.
  • Wine viewing: The color of red wine will gradually fade over time, when it is young, it is purple-red, and then slowly turns to dark red. You can place the glass in front of the white background, and tilt the glass slightly outward, about 45 degrees, to clearly observe the color of the wine.
  • Shake the wine: shake the glass before drinking red wine to allow oxygen to enter the wine to make the wine produce aroma and release chemicals such as esters, ethers and acetaldehyde in the wine.
  • Smell the wine: You usually need to smell the wine twice. After shaking the wine, you can put a cup mask on your nostrils, and then take a deep breath. The taste of good wine is very thick, and the bad taste is lighter. After smelling it, you can shake it again. Then smell it again.
  • Wine tasting: Just taste a small bite, let it cover the whole mouth, slowly stir the red wine with your tongue, make the wine fully contact the tip of the tongue, the sides of the tongue, and the position of the tongue base, and slowly appreciate the structure and aroma of the wine , Stay in the mouth for 6-15 seconds. If it is too long, saliva will weaken the aroma of red wine.

Do not add Sprite or lemon when drinking red wine, which will spoil the original taste of red wine.
Don't drink red wine like drinking white wine.

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