How to remove the sticker on the glass?

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How to remove the sticker on the glass?

After putting some stickers on the glassware and glass doors and windows in the home, it is always not clean, and it is easy to leave stickers, which will affect the appearance, which is really annoying. How to remove the stickers on the glass? I have sorted out some small methods for everyone, hoping to help you.

How to remove the sticker on the glass?

  • chemical method

      1、essential balm:
Coat essential balm on the plastic sticker, after a while after penetration, wipe it off with a dry cloth and leave no trace. If there is no essential balm, toothpaste can be used instead, but the effect is slightly less

      2、Hot towel removal method:
You can cover it with a hot towel first, and when it is soaked, some stickers can be easily removed.

      3、Hydrogen peroxide:
Hydrogen peroxide can soften the hardened glue. To use it, dip a towel in Hydrogen peroxide, wipe the sticker, and wipe it several times. It will take a minute or so to remove it.

Alcohol removal method: This method is similar to the Hydrogen peroxide method. You can use a towel dipped in a small amount of alcohol to wipe the sticker repeatedly, but you must never spray it directly on the glass, otherwise it will damage the glass.

      5、For ultra-stubborn stickers, you can go to the market to buy a sticker remover. This method is the most thorough and professional.

      6、Hand cream:
Spread the hand cream evenly on the sticker area, and then gently push it with an unused card.

      7、Edible vinegar:
Apply enough vinegar on the sticker. After the sticker is soaked in the paper, gently scrape the glass door with a small spatula. It can be easily scraped off. If it is thicker paper, just use more vinegar. Soaked, prolong the action time, and it is easy to remove the sticker. Moreover, there are very few residual ingredients, and it is as smooth as new when wiped with paper.

  • Physical method
      1、Use a blade to gently scrape the sticker. This method can easily remove the sticker, but it will leave some scratches on your glass.

      2、With the hair dryer method, the hair dryer can soften the sticker on the glass. Use a hair dryer to blow the sticker with hot air. After the glue under the sticker is softened, it can be torn off directly.
  •  Early Prevention

      1、Just like the static screensavers used on our mobile phones, before sticking the sticker, buy an static sticker, stick it on the glass, and then stick the sticker on the static sticker. So next time you only need to peel off the static sticker and throw it away.

      2、Sucker stickers:
Put the sticker in the suction cup sticker, the method is similar to electrostatic sticker, but the suction cup sticker can be reused, just replace the new sticker when changing the sticker.

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