Teach you how to choose a glass, fall into the value of the loyal to the quality cup.

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Teach you how to choose a glass, fall into the value of the loyal to the quality cup.

The glass cup has stable chemical properties, no harmful substances It is very smooth and easy to clean.

So, how to pick choose a high-quality glass? Master these points, you can bought a high-quality glass.

  • See material:
The glass is made of pure material. Material is not Pure ones will have streaks, large bubbles, and particulate impurities.
These flaws Defects affect the appearance, but also easily burst. High-quality glass material The quality is very transparent and smooth, without cracks and impurities.
  • See thickness:
The thickness of the glass should be uniform and the material distribution should be even.
Observe the cup against the light, if the light perception is the same everywhere, it means thick The same degree.
If the difference between light and dark everywhere is too large, it means that the thickness is not Same, thinner areas will be more translucent.
  • Look at the shape:

The surface should be smooth, the geometric shape should be straight, the round should be round, the flat should be flat, and the straight should be straight.
If the shape is not standard, there will be unevenness such as impressions, air holes, cracks and so on. This is not It only affects the appearance and is easily damaged.

Picking a good glass may seem complicated, but it can also be
Simple, just pick a brand you can trust.

For example, I love these glasses.

These cups are very high-quality glasses. The material has a particularly good transparency to the light, the beautiful geometry of the cup body, and the consistency of the thickness~

It feels very texture in the hand. The appearance of the glass is also very important. A good-looking glass will make people happy both physically and mentally and greatly increase the desire to drink water!

Did you choose the right glass for a high-quality and beautiful glass?

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