Coffee Lover-You can feel the temperature of the coffee comfortably- 2021 Best Holiday Glassware Gift

  • by zhiwen zhao
Are you a coffee lover? You are? but I know I am! 
A coffee lover could be called a Coffee Aficionado or Coffee Addict ! I know what it feels like to hold your favorite cup of coffee and taste it!Coffee can wake up my brain and light up my life. What are some good gifts for coffee lovers like me?A good-looking and functional coffee mug can be a satisfying upgrade. As a longtime coffee aficionado,I strongly recommend this insulated double walled Glass Coffee Mug 💯 
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Safety Guarantee: Coffee is a symbol of quality life, I value its safety very much when choosing a coffee cup!
  • BPA Free and Lead Free;
  • Microwave Safe;
  • Dishwasher Safe, but Hand-Wash recommended; 
✔The Best Touch Feeling and the Best Enjoyment of your coffee!
  • Double Walled Insulated Design: with double layer glass and grip handle, you can easily hold and remain the touch-safe without worrying about scald;
  • Superior quality with high temperature resistance;
  • It prevents hot beverage from burning fingers and keep the beverage's temperature longer than the ordinary single-layer glasses;

✔Fashion and Modern Design: When the steam hangs on the rim of the cup, the mellow coffee wears a crown!Trust me, you will feel the difference when you use it!

  • Four Decent Colors (peach pink, jade green, classical cyan, and mystery amber) for your group use (set of 4) or personal use depending on your mood; 
  • The elegant and stylish glass mugs with box packaging is the ideal gift for yourself, your families,  friends or anyone you admired and loved. These are Especially for coffee lovers, tea lovers, Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, or any special occasions and moments;

When coffee lovers communicate with each other, I often hear the following sentence: 

“ a cup of coffee is all you need to start your day off right. Whether it’s to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead, to take a break from work, or just to relax by the window with a good book at the ready, coffee can make everything feel just right” 

Yes, that's right. Good-looking and durable cups are like human coats and animal fur, which can not only delight our mood, but also make coffee a living habit and a pursuit of beautiful things.Do not hesitate, for yourself, for the people you like.

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